LONDON. England – 1960s soul icon, and Gainesville’s own, Little Jake Mitchell, arrived in London yesterday to star in the annual  Northern Soul “Super Weekender” event in Cleethorpes, a gathering of music lovers who share a passion for


 the American soul music based on the heavy beat and fast tempo of the mid-1960s Motown sound. Dubbed “Northern Soul” by journalist Dave Godin in the early 70s, the movement specifically rejects mainstream commercial artists in favor of smaller, but apparently, more authentic artists of the genre. Little Jake Mitchell’s recordings of “Not A Chance In A Million” and “Nomad Woman” are among the cuts still in DJ playlists at numerous clubs and dancehalls where dedicated fans gather to dance the kinetic style that may remind Americans of the classic swing dancing of the 50s.
Known in the UK as Jock Mitchell, Little Jake will take the stage Saturday at midnight to cap off a blistering 36-hour non-stop marathon of DJs spinning vinyl 45s to an estimated 900-1000 diehard fans. Promoter Ady Croasdell says this year’s event is on par with the last several years and a positive sign after a moderate decline between 2007-2010.
He indicated that a lot more younger fans are discovering the energy and pulse of what purists here acknowledge is a distinctly “American-made” phenomenon, one that Little Jake intends to keep front and center in the hearts and minds of his fans.